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How many of us get to choose our own Office Chair?

Unsurprisingly, not many. For most people the chair in the workplace is taken for granted. You turn up to work and there it is. It may have been there for years. It may have had one careful guardian or maybe not so careful.

An Office Chair can be just something to sit on or it can be far more. It’s remarkable just how little care is taken when choosing a chair that could be used for seven hours a day, 220 days every year.

Other than a Computer, the Office Chair is the most important single item linked to productivity in every office.

Chairs are chosen for a variety of reasons.

More often than not, it is down to Budget and Convenience. Sometimes Looks. Nothing wrong with that you may say. Or is there?

Wouldn’t it be far better to try the chair first. Not just One chair but a carefully chosen selection of the finest available in the marketplace. To suit your budget. To suit your needs. At a time that suits you. Now that’s convenience!

The biggest mistake is to judge a chair on it’s looks. Think shoes! Think Chairs! Would you expect your employees to spend 35 hours a week in a pair of shoes that didn’t fit correctly? So why wouldn’t you give them the best chair you can afford.

At our disposal, we have the finest ergonomically engineered chairs in the world.

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