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Essex office furniture screens

Screens not only divide up space, they also break down sound to create an environment of privacy and collaboration.
They make efficient use of light and bring colour and style into what otherwise could be a rather drab environment.
In addition, people are likely to perform more effectively in pleasing surroundings with less distractions.
Other ,more practical benefits, are that Screens provide a framework against which Seating and Desking can be arranged. Also, all necessary Power, Data and communication cables can be discreetly accommodated.

Why is noise in the office a problem?

Most modern office space is designed to be open plan - but since open plan offices became popular, there have been changes in working practices, communications and technology that make the traditional open plan model less ideal.

  • People now have less space to work in. A typical workstation in the seventies was 12 square feet. Today’s workstations are between six feet and eight square feet.
  • There’s more of an emphasis on teamwork, which means that people often work in informal groups with other workers, while colleagues nearby are trying to concentrate.
  • Conversation ‘leaking’ from mobiles and voice mail has increased dramatically.
  • Phones, PDAs, pagers and electronic ring tones have become common workplace interruptions.
  • Wi-Fi and wireless technology means that employees aren’t chained to their desk or PC - they can move around the office.

Noisy offices aren’t just a minor irritation though. Studies have shown that the noise factor in most workspaces affects employee stress levels and productivity, inevitably leading to absenteeism and high staff turnover. So, it pays to reduce the noise levels before they start to cause problems.

One case study involving a US call centre showed that when employers made the acoustic corrections to their office, there was a 300% increase in worker satisfaction with the noise level reduction, and a 140% increase in satisfaction with the overall work environment. After six months, productivity had increased by an average of 19.8% per worker.*

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